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Additional information

To realize this homepage I used:
Adobe Photoshop, Apache Webserver, Audacity, Jasc Animation Shop, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Macromedia Flash, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox.

For all codings in XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP I used the best editor possible: Notepad!

Furthermore I needed:
2 ballpens, about 30 sheets of paper, unknown time in the Internet, 6 litre lemon tea, 17 litre mineral water, 4 litre coffee, 1 litre milk, 2 spoonful of sugar, 15 breadrolls with meat, 2 cakes, 15 millet spikes (to keep my budgies busy) and 1 Aspirin.

Special thanks to my friend Jens Müller, who took the crazy photos of me!

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